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Scaling Innovation: Advancing Digital Dentures with a Scalable and Efficient Workflow

Dive into the future of dental technology with this insightful article presented by Desktop Health and Zahn Dental. This piece unveils the transformative power of Flexcera Base Ultra+, a groundbreaking nano-ceramic hybrid composite resin, now enhanced with over 50% greater flexural strength. Approved as an FDA class II medical device, Flexcera Base Ultra+ is reshaping denture manufacturing with unmatched aesthetic and durability standards.

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Introduction of Flexcera Base Ultra+

Discover Flexcera Base Ultra+, a nano-ceramic hybrid composite resin designed to revolutionize digital dentures. Recently approved as an FDA class II medical device, Flexcera Base Ultra+ offers 70% greater resistance to deformation compared to the ISO standard, allowing for remarkably thinner structures—with wall thicknesses as low as 2.5mm and socket thicknesses down to 1mm. This significant increase in flexural strength not only enhances aesthetic outcomes but also markedly improves the durability and comfort of denture wear for patients, setting new benchmarks for quality and performance in the industry.


Comprehensive Digital Workflow Integration

Learn about the streamlined workflow that integrates advanced 3D printing technology with traditional dental practices. This article details the step-by-step process from scanning to final denture assembly, highlighting the precision and efficiency gained through digital techniques. It covers essential aspects such as IO scanning protocols, bite scanning for accuracy, and the complete digital journey from design to delivery, ensuring a seamless transition for dental labs adopting these modern methods.

Flexcera Base Ultra+ Regulatory

Industry-Leading Material Science & Engineering

Explore the cutting-edge material science behind Flexcera Base Ultra+ and how Desktop Health's proprietary technology is setting new standards in the dental industry. The article dives into the superior properties of Flexcera resins, which combine robust durability with aesthetic precision. This segment also highlights how Desktop Health's holistic approach, involving software, hardware, and advanced chemistry, offers a comprehensive environment for developing high-quality dental products that meet the rigorous demands of modern dentistry.