FDA-cleared 3D Printed Dental Bite Splints, Night Guards, and Mouth Guards.

For dental professionals looking to protect their patient smiles from stress-related dental conditions, SmileGuard is the 3D-printed splint with the most bite. Offering the perfect blend of strength and comfort, this breakthrough light-curable resin formulation delivers stunning clarity and superior quality with optimal strength and shape retention for durable protection coupled with soft flexibility for a comfortable and perfect fit. 

The perfect blend of

strength and comfort 

  • Flexural Strength for strength
  • Shore D Hardness for comfort
  • Flexural Modulus for shape retention
  • Elongation of Break for durability
  • Biocompatible for patient safety
SmileGuard Graph
SmileGuard Flex

SmileGuard is 3D printed in
~30 minutes horizontal on your Einstein™ 3D printer

Fast to process

Easy to polish

Easy to place

FDA cleared

SmileGuard is an FDA-cleared medical device indicated for the 3D fabrication of orthodontic and dental appliances such as bite splints, mouth guards, night guards, stabilization splints, and positioning splints. 

SmileGuard Resin Bottle
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