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EMEA Representative - Logo Projekt Dental Deutschland in Germany
Kai Weiffen mit Bauplattfom, 20x Schiene, vor Maschine

How a German Dental Lab Delivers  High-Quality Dental Splints and Models to Increase Productivity

Projekt: Deutschland Dental (PDD) revealed how they consistently deliver the highest quality dental models for its customers in record time while extremely saving production costs & time and growing their business.

The success in a glance:

  • Significant reduction of production costs compared to traditional manufacturing
  • Extreme time savings in model production
  • Increased productivity despite skilled labor shortage
  • Highly precise, strong, and clear dental models
  • Zero-waste bite splint fabrication
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“Now, as soon as we’ve got the patient scan from 
the dentists, we can manufacture the models right away 
on the same day. The costs, and especially the times 
we can save in the productions, are extreme."

Kai Weiffen, CEO of Projekt: Deutschland Dental

Digital Dental Workflow

Discover how PDD implements the 4 steps of digital dental workflow to succeed

NanoFit 385nm-1

Learn how PDD produces highly precise, strong, and clear bite splints

04-Gedr. Schiene 1x Vertical-2 (Step 3)

Find out how much time you can save with the Einstein 3D printer in producing 20 splints