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Additively Manufactured, Drug-Releasing, and Patient-Personalized External Ear Canal Implant

A groundbreaking implant 3D-printed on the 
Desktop Health™ 3D-Bioplotter® and clinically proven as a safe and effective method to prevent postoperative complications in an eight-year-old patient.

In this comprehensive case study, you'll explore the incredible bioprinting journey of a renowned German ear, nose, and throat (ENT) clinic of Hannover Medical School (original German name: Medizinische Hochschule 
Hannover (MHH)). Discover how they have harnessed the powerful 3D-Bioplotter® to create a novel patient-individualized and drug-releasing external ear canal implant (EECI). 

Get the case study to learn about:

  • The successful new treatment approach to prevent postoperative ear canal restenosis
  • The bioprinting workflow for producing drug-releasing implants
  • The main requirements to print a patient-personalized external ear canal implant
  • The benefits of using 3D-Bioplotter® 
  • Bioprinting for other medical applications
  • The future of bioprinting at Hannover Medical School
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The 3D-Bioprinting Workflow for Drug Releasing Implants

The Bioprinting Workflow for Drug Releasing Implants

The fabrication of the patient-personalized drug-eluting EECI included three main steps: (1) pre-printing, (2) printing, and (3) post-printing. In each step, two procedures needed to be done.  

For a deeper dive into the 3D-bioprinting worklow for manufacturing patient-personalized, drug-releasing implants, download our comprehensive case study today.

"Now bioprinting which can basically provide both the printing of the shape and size of the implant together with the incorporation of desired drugs such as anti-inflammatory drugs or antibiotics, is the demand we have. And this is fulfilled by the 3D-Bioplotter we have chosen.”

Prof. Prof. h. c. Dr. med. Thomas Lenarz, Director of the Hannover Medical School’s ENT clinic

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In-Depth Insights

Download the case study to gain a comprehensive understanding of the intricate process behind creating patient-specific, drug-releasing implants using bioprinting technology. Dive deep into the details and discover the science that is revolutionizing healthcare.

Precise EECI

Real-World Applications

Explore real-life applications of bioprinting in the medical field. See how this groundbreaking technology is making a tangible difference in patient care, from innovative implant design to successful implementation, and gain insights into its potential impact on future medical treatments.

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Inspiration for Innovation

For researchers, medical professionals, and innovators in the healthcare field, this case study serves as a source of inspiration. It provides insights into the possibilities of bioprinting and demonstrates how cutting-edge technology can be harnessed to address critical medical challenges. Be inspired to explore new horizons in healthcare innovation.